Yesterday after an appointment i decided to stop into "Pearls Arts and Crafts".
I wanted to run in to see if they had something I needed in the way of supplies.
Once again unfortunately the economy has struck, I had no idea and no signs of any kind were posted but the store was going out of business.
Omg! 75% off.....then the frenzy
Have you ever run into something like this? You start to buy things for projects your not sure you will ever start, or try, or finish!! LOL
They were warning people by loud speaker not put purchases down anywhere while looking because they are not responsible for anyone who steals your stash! It was crazy...anyway 132.90 later..($33.23) I went home with my bag of goodies and ideas. Called my friend to tell her about the going out sale and then once again like that...........the frenzy began!


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