Today was a quiet sunny day here in New York, I spent alot of the day creating some items for Valentines day which I will share with you at the end of todays post.
I should tell you I am married almost 24 years and am a crafty mom to 2 girls ages 18 & 22. I know you all know what I mean when I say I dont know where the years have gone.
I have always been creative and was drawing as soon as I could pick up a pencil. I still love to color in a coloring book! LOL! Ok come on,,,I bet you do too! Its admitting it thats the hard part : )
I majored in Art in High School and was suppose to continue on but life got in the way.....
So I happily did many other things to feed my creative side, from baking & knitting to flower arranging...and almost any other thing you can think of. I am a Gemini so I get bored with one type of creative outlet quickly.
Anyway...I am going to end todays blog post with the creations I wanted to share with you today...I hope you enjoy them and come back soon to visit me . If you would like to purchase these lovely pendants or any other of my creations please use the links to the & light, Wendy


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