Yesterday after an appointment i decided to stop into "Pearls Arts and Crafts".
I wanted to run in to see if they had something I needed in the way of supplies.
Once again unfortunately the economy has struck, I had no idea and no signs of any kind were posted but the store was going out of business.
Omg! 75% off.....then the frenzy
Have you ever run into something like this? You start to buy things for projects your not sure you will ever start, or try, or finish!! LOL
They were warning people by loud speaker not put purchases down anywhere while looking because they are not responsible for anyone who steals your stash! It was crazy...anyway 132.90 later..($33.23) I went home with my bag of goodies and ideas. Called my friend to tell her about the going out sale and then once again like that...........the frenzy began!

Today was a quiet sunny day here in New York, I spent alot of the day creating some items for Valentines day which I will share with you at the end of todays post.
I should tell you I am married almost 24 years and am a crafty mom to 2 girls ages 18 & 22. I know you all know what I mean when I say I dont know where the years have gone.
I have always been creative and was drawing as soon as I could pick up a pencil. I still love to color in a coloring book! LOL! Ok come on,,,I bet you do too! Its admitting it thats the hard part : )
I majored in Art in High School and was suppose to continue on but life got in the way.....
So I happily did many other things to feed my creative side, from baking & knitting to flower arranging...and almost any other thing you can think of. I am a Gemini so I get bored with one type of creative outlet quickly.
Anyway...I am going to end todays blog post with the creations I wanted to share with you today...I hope you enjoy them and come back soon to visit me . If you would like to purchase these lovely pendants or any other of my creations please use the links to the & light, Wendy

Hi again! Tonight has got me really thinking about Valentines day! I have alot of new projects sitting on my table just waiting to be born and photographed .As though my ideas are finally giving birth. LOL. Its funny how I never realized that I think of my creations this way...

Anyway....As corny as it is, Valentines day is my anniversary, so it is extra special to me.

I will be listing some new and awesome of which is above....

I hope you all have a great evening....catch you tomorrow!

Ok ..well here I am joining the world of what they call most people who are my age or older I cant believe I am finally here. I have been wanting to try this for a while like so many others but my silly little fears have been holding me back. How hard can this be???

After all if I can get married , have children and run a home and an Etsy shop..this should be piece of cake.
I hope as I become familiar and more comfortable with this process this will be a place where we can visit, advertise, network , have some laughs and much fun!

My name is Wendy, also known as 2angelwings, shop owner of "Beaded Blessings" my Etsy shop for incorporating spirituality into beautiful and unique jewelry and so much more......
So please bring an open mind and an open heart as I welcome you to interact with me on this hopefully inspiring journey....

I just want to start tonight by thanking Viv of "Creative Minds" on Etsy for featuring me today on her blogger. It was certainly a wonderful surprise and gave me the courage to finally start sharing....

Also Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend Diane!!

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